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Atex Hammers, Picks & Axes

We offer a range of Atex certified, non sparking / intrinsically safe hammers, axes & picks designed for use in explosive environments. Aluminium Bronze or Beryllium Copper tools designed for use by professionals in refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas lines or any potentially explosive atmospheres.


  Available Weights
Beryllium Copper Axe 950g
Atex Firemans Axe 1300g
Ball Pein Hammer 230g to 1.13kg
Testing Hammer 390g & 420g
Pick 1.1kg to 2.5kg
Cross Pien Hammer 500g or 900g
German Machinists Hammer 100g to 2000g
Atex Sledge Hammer 1kg to 12kg
German Stoning Hammer 1kg to 3.5kg
CutOff Hammer 1.3kg & 2.1
Chipping Hammer 200g, 400g, 600g, 900g
Stone Wedge 1kg
Bricklayers Hammer 600g, 800g
Claw Hammer 275g & 338
Nylon Hammer 800g & 1kg
Drum Type Stronnig Hammer 300g to 2.3kg
German Type Stonnig Hammer 500g to 5kg
Scaling Hammer 205g, 370g
Brass mallet 4.5kg, 5.4kg, 7.65kg
Copper Mallet 1.35kg
Anvil Block 3 Sizes
Beryllium Copper Hammer
Atex Hammer for sale

Beryllium Copper Hammer, Atex Hammer