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Atex Cutting Tools / Grinding Tool Kits

We supply the following range of fully ATEX certified cutting and grinding equipment which will revolutionise pipework and structural steelwork installation and maintenance in hazardous areas.

These Atex air tool kits are spark free, non-electrical solutions which can be used in Ex Zones 1 and 2 areas without the need for a hot-work permit, which usually means completely stopping production, with all the costs involved ondoing so.
Materials for which these tools are designed:
• Mild steel
• Stainless steel
• Fire protecting coated steel or iron pipes
(Fendolite or Chartek)
• Iron
• Aluminium
• Rusted or painted steel

Surface Preperation Kit
Atex Cutting Tool

Atex Certified Pneumatic Grinder Kit
Atex Straight Grinder Kit

Atex Grinding Machine for Paint Removal
Atex Paint Remover / Grinder Kit

Atex Certified 90° Mini Grinder
90 Grinding Machine - Atex

Atex Cutter with Weld Seam Removal & Cutting Disc
Atex Grinder
Safety Tools Kits