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Atex Cutting Tools

This range of non sparking cutting tools can be cast from beryllium copper or aluminium bronze and are atex certified for use in hazardous, potentially explosive atmospheres. please contact us for full details on any of our atex cutting tools listed below.

  Length Weight Materials
Atex Bolt Cutters 24' 3kg Be-Cu or Alu-Br
Right Cut Nipper Shears 275mm 600g Be-Cu or Alu-Br
Non Sparking Scissors 150mm 90g Beryllium Copper


Aluminium Bronze
  225mm 300g
  290mm 220g
  360mm 850g
Atex Tin Snips 300mm 450g Be-Cu or Alu-Br
Atex Hacksaw 500mm 600g Be-Cu or Alu-Br
Beryllium Hacksaw Blades 300mm - Beryllium Copper
Beryllium Hand Saw 700mm 550g Be-Cu or Alu-Br
Non Sparking Hand Saw 370 125g Be-Cu or Alu-Br
Beryllium Knife 30x200 70g Be-Cu or Alu-Br
Copper Beryllium Knife 250mm 90g Be-Cu or Alu-Br
Atex Electricians Knife 61x113 180 Be-Cu or Alu-Br

Beryllium Copper Drill Bits

Beryllium Drill Bit, Non Sparking Drill Bit
  Available Sizes
Beryllium Drill Bits 6mm upto 20mm
Atex Cutting Tools
Beryllium Copper Saw
Atex Cutting Tools, Atex Saw, Knife, Scissors