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Explosion Proof Bandsaws

These Atex certified bandsaws have a long, narrow and flexible toothed metal saw blade that moves on two wheels which are in the same vertical plane. They are capable of cutting: plastic, wood, steel, stainless steel... Explosion Proof Bandsaws designed to perform all types of cutting, cross, straight, curved, cuts in peak, beveled, etc...

Model 79619 79616
Atex Certification Ex IM2cT6 Ex IM2cT6
Working Pressure 6 Bar 6 Bar
Cutting Capacity Ø120mm Ø180mm
AxB 150x120 mm
4 x 4"
AxB 180x180 mm
7 x 7"
Power 0.5 kw 1.0 kw
Speed 4 bar = 41m/min
6 bar = 61m/min
Connection R1/4"i R1/2"i
Air Consumption 0.55 m3/min 1,2 m3/min
Hose 7mm 13mm
Sound Level 86.8 dBa 81.7 dBa
Vibration Level >2.5 m/s2 >2.5 m/s2
Dimensions 516x170x210 mm 730x285x290 mm
Housing Aluminium Stainless Steel
Weight 6.2kg 13kg

Atex Bandsaw, Explosion Proof Band Saw